A few words are in order about the rationale behind The Drawer.

Many writers will attest, along with me, to our enormous frustration with the world of publishing. Each new piece can take months, even years, to get through the process of attempted publication, from researching and finding the suitable venues to the final, often long awaited reply, “Thank you for the opportunity to read your work, but….” Even when the piece is accepted, we will most likely have had to chop and whittle or expand and fatten it to get it to fit into the slot available. Whether we meet up with rejection or decide not to sabotage our original intent, we are too often left with work that we believe deserves to be read, even if it is too long, too short or doesn’t meet the press’s present needs. We stuff these pieces into our desk drawer, metaphorically or otherwise, and begin to wonder if we aren’t writing only for ourselves.

With the completion of “Back to Yiddish,” an essay I felt was worth being read, I decided that the time had come for action. The Drawer is that action.

I invite you to partake of the writing that will appear here, an author’s blog, and trust you will enjoy what you read.